Post-Secondary Credential


Goal: Every graduate will complete a post-secondary credential.

Why:  TODAY 6 out of 10 jobs require some postsecondary education and/or training. (1)

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By 2018, only 28% of jobs will be open to those with only a high school diploma. (2)

Each 20-year-old permanently reconnected to education and/or employment will directly save the taxpayer $236 and will save a total social cost of $704,000 over his or her lifetime. (3)

The Post-Secondary Credential Goal Team will:

  • Develop the team
  • Define success
  • Analyze need, programs, strategies
  • Develop chose strategies & set goals for change
  • Align, implement, measure progress and continuously improve


CUC2C will determine a launch date for this team contingent on progress of the Goal Teams currently active and in light of the capacity of this all-volunteer organization.  For more information, please contact Lee Ann at


1 – New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation
2 – Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce
3 – Act Policy Report