Join the Community Council

The Community Council is our nearly 300 strong group of individuals and entities who have committed to supporting CUC2C.

Community Council members agree to the following:

“Find out more”  Be informed about issues in our community and get involved. Read our newsletter.  Attend 2 Community Council meetings per year.

“Talk about it” Champion our efforts. This is essential in order to bring the resources of the community to CUC2C and to enact the structural change that will insure sustainability.

“Stand at the ready” Co-director Denise Martin communicates periodic needs of the Goal Teams via e-mail and they are also listed on the website. Take action when you can.

“Bring your organization on board”  We need key community entities and the strength of commitment from those who bring their “day jobs” to the effort.


To Join, contact Denise Martin.

See current members.