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Healthcare Careers Pilot Program – Exploring Careers and Providing Experiences in Healthcare for Students

Do you have what it takes for a career in healthcare?

You probably do, and with the right classes and training you will!

Unlimited Career Opportunities

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing fields, which means there is an abundance of career opportunities available. There are many options with differing educational requirements to explore within this innovative Pilot Program designed for 16–18 year old high school students.

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quote leftProviding healthcare that is high-quality, low-cost, and accessible to all—is a grand challenge for our country and the world. The healthcare professions are growing rapidly and will provide great opportunities for very rewarding and impactful career paths in the future. We need to develop the exposure and immersion to our high school students so that they can make informed choices about choosing their careers. This is exactly the purpose of this highly collaborative and innovative high-clinical immersion program in the Champaign, Urbana, and Rantoul school districtsquote right.

Rashid Bashir, Ph.D., Executive Associate Dean and Chief Diversity Officer, Carle Illinois College of Medicine at the University of Illinois, Grainger Professor of Engineering, Co-PI EBICS, An NSF Funded Science and Technology Center

Discover Your Potential

Students will receive first-hand experiences in the professional careers they want to pursue through education and job shadowing. Rotations will be for a two hour duration, once per week, throughout the 2018 spring semester.

This innovative Pilot Program will provide students with:

♦   A realistic view of their professional interest that will help to confirm and, in some   cases, redirect their career plans.

♦   Exposure to the daily environments of different career fields, which can be a real asset to college or post-high school training by making future classes more meaningful.

♦   Realistic assessment of their personal strengths to compare them with the skills and qualities needed in the career fields they are exploring.

♦   Growing their understanding of organizational structure and decision-making to gain self-confidence as they refine their social and intellectual skills.

♦   The opportunity to develop relationships with hospital staff for potential future mentors and references for their chosen field.

Job Shadowing/Education

The program includes a brief kick-off meeting with hands on experiential healthcare learning like chest compressions followed by weekly two hour job shadowing opportunities in multiple health care settings at Carle (and also Presence Fall of 2018) to help students understand the variety of jobs and opportunities in healthcare from inpatient hospital floors like NICU and cardio/pulmonary, to outpatient clinics like surgery and urology and radiology, to business and supporting departments like risk management, social work, facilities and food service. In each opportunity the student will have a chance to interact with professionals and ask questions for a deeper understanding of health care in our communities.


For more information on each program area, see the Healthcare Pilot Program Area Descriptions:

  • Cardio/Pulmonary Inpatient Floor
  • Food Service
  • Environmental Services
  • Hospitalists
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Nursing Leadership
  • Pastoral Care
  • Physical Plant
  • Radiology
  • Social Services
  • Surgical/Urology Outpatient

♦      Students will be required to provide a brief report about their experiences after each rotation.

♦      Hospital staff will also provide feedback on student participation to the school representatives.

♦      Students who qualify will have the opportunity to take dual-credit high school classes that will earn credits at Parkland College.

♦      A certificate of completion will be awarded to the students at the end of program event where students can share and discuss their experiences with each other.

Getting Started

Take the first steps toward a rewarding career in healthcare, one of the fastest growing fields for career opportunities and job security.

  •  Complete an Application with Your School Representative
  • A Background Check will be Conducted by the Hospital
  • Complete Safety/Compliance/HIPAA/Blood Born Pathogen Training
  • Immunizations Needed:
    • TB Test (2 Step or Quantiferon Gold)
    • MMR Record or Titer
    • Varicella Record of Titer
    • Flu Shot (Between Nov. 1 and April 30)
    • Tdap & Hep B

Once accepted into the program, and all of the above criteria have been met, students and parents will attend a kick-off event to be held in January 2018. At the event, students will find out more information about each specialty area so they can sign up for job shadowing rotations via an online platform.

Apply for this exciting opportunity today and kick-start your career path!

 Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact the Pilot Program representatives below and they will be happy to help you:

Champaign Unit 4 School District

  • Marc Changnon
  • District Coordinator of Career Programs & Community Partnerships
  • (217) 351-3764
  • Email:

Rantoul Township High School District #193

  • Megan Sims
  • School Counselor
  • (217) 892-6130
  • Email:

Urbana Unit 116 School District

  • Kristine Sherrick
  • Career and Technical Education Coordinator
  • (217) 384-3505
  • Email:

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Carle Foundation Hospital
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