Workforce Readiness

6-8 Grade Career Readiness Planning

Healthcare Pilot Program 



Goal: Every Student is Workforce-Ready Upon Graduation

75.5% of students were prepared in 2015. (1)


Champaign County Chamber of Commerce


The workforce ready student has the academic foundation, technical ability, work habits and interpersonal skills to succeed.


The team is represented by 19 entities and has 26 members.  For a complete listing of Workforce Readiness team members, click here.


Why WFR?

An estimated 3 million jobs went unfilled in 2012 due to skills gaps; by 2018, 7 million jobs are expected to go unfilled.(2)
The largest  gap is in the “soft” skills. These are the same set of skills critical to college success.(3)
Having qualified students entering the work force can lead local employers and businesses to experience quicker hiring cycles, have more qualified workers, and have a lower turn-over in staffing.(4)


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