Kindergarten Readiness

Goal:  Every child enters kindergarten ready to learn.

KRpic67% were ready in 2014 69% ready in 2015 (2% increase)


United Way of Champaign County


A child who is kindergarten ready has met the Illinois Early Learning Standards, particularly the self-care, self-expression, inter-social and intra-social skills.


The team is represented by 28 entities and has 37 members.  For a listing of the Kindergarten Readiness Team Members, click here.

Help Needed!

Please help pass out the READY! for Kindergarten flyer to anyone who has a child 0-1, 3-4, or 4-5 years of age.  READY!-flyer

Latest News!

The READY! for Kindergarten program, a pilot program from the Kindergarten Readiness goal team, launched this year’s program on Saturday October 15.

*Over 100 people attended the event at Booker T. Washington Stem Academy in Champaign

*We had over 45 families participate.

*Over 30 AVID and Interact High School students from Champaign Central High School offered their services in Child Care to support the families attending.

*We have expanded workshops to include families with 4 – 5 year old’s, 3 – 4 year old’s, and birth – 1 year old’s.

*Families can join a Facebook Group according to the year their child will graduate from High School.  Age appropriate content on child development, READY! for Kindergarten reminders, and community events will be posted weekly.


Why KR?:

  • Demands on kindergarteners today are similar to what was expected of 1st graders a generation ago.
  • A child not-kindergarten ready can impact the quality  of education for the whole class.
  • Starting behind can become the first domino to fall for the  child and for the community, because the child is now:

25% more likely to not graduate from high school

40% more likely to become a teen parent

60% more likely not to get a post-HS credential

70% more likely to commit a crime as an adult

13 CUC2C partners directly involved; 800 volunteer hours


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For more information, contact: Patti Hood, KR goal team co-facilitator,  or Beverley Baker, KR goal team co-facilitator,