High School Graduation


Goal: Every student will graduate from high school.

According to Gradnation.org, high school graduates are:

• More likely to be employed, make higher taxable income, and aid in job generation.

• Less likely to engage in criminal behavior or require social services.

• Have better health and longer life expectancy. (1)


Every dropout can cost a community up to $392,000 in lost earnings, crime, etc. over the person’s lifetime. (2)  In 2014, the combined graduation rate for the three public C-U high schools was 87.5%.


A Gradnation national survey (3) cites the most common reasons for dropping out include:

Witnessing violence
Unsupportive/disrespectful school climates/policies
Personal or family health traumas


The “High School Graduation” goal team will:

Identify the local causes for dropping out
Find out which local/national programs inside and outside of school best address these causes
Evaluate local programming for effectiveness
Address the barriers to access/success in these programs
Align community resources to scale-up “what works”

CUC2C will determine a launch date for this team contingent on progress of the Goal Teams currently active and in light of the capacity of this all-volunteer organization.  For further information, please contact Lee Ann Kelly at l.kelly@cucradle2career.org.


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