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A word of explanation about CUC2C involvement

CUC2C is an approach of collective impact and our processes are thorough and deliberate. While we may all want to do something now, process is key. There are no quick fixes in improving the culture of a community. Collaboration takes time. Joining Community Council and taking those commitments seriously is doing something. Other ways to help:

Complete a One-time task In the past CC members have distributed literacy materials, helped a student prepare a resume, or provided design work.

Engage at the strategic level The Co-directors and the Steering Committee serve at an operational level. Goal Team co-facilitators build teams which are representational and have time and expertise. Team members devise and take action on goals.

Provide in-kind resources   This all volunteer organization needs the resources that business/organizations/individuals can provide. Examples include printing, personnel, marketing assistance or grant-writing.

You tell us! Let us know how you can be part of the movement. Contact Lee Ann Kelly.