Get Involved

A note of explanation. . .
Getting involved in CUC2C means many things.
  • Some folks will choose a one-time task such as distributing literacy materials, providing child care at a workshop, serving a meal at Family Camp, or helping a high-schooler prepare a resume.
  • Others will engage at the strategic level, serving on a Goal Team. Goal Team co-facilitators build a team which will be representational and have requisite time and expertise.
  • Many will bring professional expertise or in-kind resources. They may research best practices, provide data analysis, or pay for printing.
  • You tell us! Let us know how you can be part of the movement.


All Community Council members have committed to:
  • “Stand at the ready”   Goal Teams and directors identify periodic needs.   Co-director Denise Martin communicates these via e-mail and they are listed on the website.
  • “Talk about it” This is essential in order to bring the resources of the community to our effort and to enact the structural change that will insure sustainability.
  • “Bring your organization on board”   We need key community entities and the strength of commitment from those who bring their “day jobs” to the effort.
  • “Find out more”   Be informed about issues in our community. Be involved.


But I want to do something now

CUC2C is an approach of collective impact and our processes are thorough and deliberate. While we may all want to do something now, process is key. So stay tuned.