Current Volunteer Jobs



If you can help us with these jobs or have another offer of assistance contact Denise Martin.handspic




What we need When Which means you would
Volunteer coordinator One-time task Coordinate volunteers for a Goal Team running an event.
Event planner Short-term task Be part of a team to plan a Community Council event.
Writer One per month Craft short messages that CUC2C members can push out to their audiences.
Writer Now Write press releases about current happenings and direct to appropriate media.
Photograph As needed Take pictures at CUC2C events.
Video producer Your call Produce short videos.
Community Engagement Team member Continuing commitment Community connection & marketing and event planning.
Story collector Now Interview those involved in CUC2C projects and write short pieces. We will direct you to sources.
Liaison Continuing commitment Attend Workforce Readiness meetings with an "eye" for how to better engage our community.  Report back to Community Engagement Team.