Who We Are



CUC2C is an all-volunteer movement.

Being all-volunteer is intentional; it helps facilitate CUC2C being a “neutral” convener within the community, and keeps the focus on our community’s children.


Offering a variety of ways to be engaged enables CUC2C to create the “staff” needed to keep holding the vision before the community and to assemble the pieces needed to build a thriving C-U community



Community Council (CC): 

The Community Council is all of our  members.

Members agree to:

  1. Keep informed through our meetings (three times per year), the newsletter, etc.
  2. Champion CUC2C in our community (our goal is to have the whole community on the CC)
  3. Find a niche:  use their skills to move our community closer to the goals.


Steering Committee:  A subset of the Community Council composed of the anchor entities and cross-sector representatives that meet monthly to oversee the development of CUC2C.


Anchor Entities:  Organizations that have agreed to underwrite a goal team through staff commitment and in-kind resourcing.   Currently, those are:

  • United Way:  Kindergarten Readiness
  • CC Chamber of Commerce:  Workforce Readiness
  • Champaign Unit 4:  Data co-anchor
  • Urbana School Dist. #116:  Data co-anchor
  • Community Foundation of East Central Illinois Fiscal agent


Operations Team:  The volunteer leaders of all of our teams, plus the co-directors, who together direct CUC2C on a daily basis and report to the Steering Committee.


Goal Teams:  Community stakeholders invested in a particular goal who come together to move through the collective impact process in order to determine and implement the kinds of “best practices” needed in our community to maximize impact on that goal.