What We Do

bubbleletter-web2Success is still out of reach for too many of our youth.  Is change possible?

Absolutely! Collective Impact (CI) approaches across the country ARE making changes and we have developed that approach for our community.

Every person/entity has a stake in our community’s success and is a piece of the “success” puzzle. If long-lasting change is to occur, the pieces not only have to be on the same table, they must come together to create the whole picture.

Learn more about collective impact – watch this video!


Engage the Community

All stakeholders work together to develop a common agenda.





Identify the gaps, barriers and best practices for success.




Data Driven

Use data to drive all decision-making and continuous improvement.


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Align existing resources and leverage to maximize cost-benefit.




Improve Lives

With effective collaboration, children are supported and equipped to succeed.