How does one measure a “thriving community?”

Through its support of children, says renowned economist James Heckman.

That’s what CUC2C is here for!


  • The “achievement gap” begins as early as 16 months
  • 1/3 of our entering kindergarteners do not have the skills needed to love learning  and succeed academically…resulting in more obstacles to success instead of fewer.
  • In 3rd grade when children start “reading to learn,” less than half of our students meet state standards.
  • Only 49% of our graduates are considered “ready for college or career.”


Who we are.

CUC2C is families, businesses, schools, unions, non-profits, faith communities, universities & colleges, and individuals.

We have a lot to tell you!  Explore the site to learn more.cucu2cpic

Collaboration by community leaders interested in success for our children began in 2012 and CUC2C was launched in 2013.  We are in it for the long haul with careful gathering of stakeholders, formation of a clear definition of success, thorough mapping of community assets, identification of gaps, barriers, and best practices – and finally, action and evaluation.  Join us!


Click the link to see the CUC2C 2017 Community Report Card.


Want more info?  Contact l.kelly@cucradle2career.org